Studiengruppe (SI)

Informationsdesign,SoSe 2022

Workshop: "Digitales Erzählen" mit Anna Meïra Greunig

The following infographic map is a cartographical narration attempting to display, define, and connect legal practices, ideologies, theories, and terminologies that circulate the context of migration movements between Africa and Europe.
The map focuses on the “Strait of Gibraltar” as a pivotal case study.

The displayed terms and articles are extracted from On drifting publication, a participative lexicon imagined and produced by the collective Calypso36°21, as part of the curatorial research program

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This project is a practice in the Informationsdesign group,
Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle.
Under the topic of "Migrationsbewegungen und Menschenrechte"
Project Status: Ongoing